Here's a list of all of the telephone numbers for all our insurance products. Whatever you need. expand text Car Insurance (if your policy number starts with PM). It's easy to get in touch with us. Our call centres are in the UK*. Phone us. respond to all claims notifications within 24 hours of receipt; […]

Even if you buy privately, companies such as Warrantywise can supply you with. Six more suspects have been arrested in a widening investigation of automobile insurance fraud in South Florida that involves. Four South Florida personal-injury lawyers are accused of paying for car-accident victims to refer as patients to doctor. head of car insurance at […]

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The fact is, auto insurance rates rise and fall over the course of time due to a laundry list of. What's more, individuals in their 40s and 50s could see even further. Jul 6, 2017. To ensure you're getting the cheapest car insurance, you should shop. but those fluctuations over a longer period of time, […]

You get sued: Dogs aren’t covered for public liability without insurance, so if Rex causes a car accident, and the drivers sue, you’ll be liable. It may well push up. The research, conducted by Kwik Fit, also found that the availability of finance has tempted many drivers. The actual car payment is just one aspect […]

Many of us have Term Life Insurance and Health Insurance. However, we never gave the importance to Critical Illness policies. Let us see the importance of having Critical Illness policy and analyze which is Best Critical illness policy in India 2018 with comparison table. Get Latest Prices & Info On All New Cars; Used Cars […]

With the number of auto insurance discounts Kemper Direct offers, you could easily. the more you pay up-front on your Kemper Direct auto insurance policy, the more. Multi-Car Discount – If you insure multiple vehicles on the same policy. If the car’s new skin is multi-coloured or has various tones. Another potential problem is with […]

The car was stopped on Ky. 70 in Edmonson County, where the driver, identified as Blevins, ran into a woodline and acted combative with law enforcement, according to the citation. An opened 18-pack of beer was found inside the car along. With an average of 226 auto-related teen deaths occurring every month, the personal-finance website […]